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  • Afro Steampunk  Movement wear leggings

    Afro Steampunk Movement wear leggings

    Beware.. these are the ultimate ‘peacock-ing’ garment that you will ever own, and whether, you are donning the corporate mask, blissing out in a downward dog, or blasting it away on the Playa.. This are your go-to !

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FYI – I am not just a yoga teacher, nor an under the stars barefoot( and naked if I can get away with it) Dancer. I am also a do my homework write my essay for me motorbiker, an entrepreneur, an outdoor party and festival fundi, a digital nomad, a mountain goat, a film maker, a lover, a photographer and a damn fine cook. I am woman power and ill let it be known, as should we all announce it under the magic of the moon, loud and proud!

I love this planet and its crazy people with all their strange and wonderful ways. I love anything new and exotic, wild and wonderful. If there is a button that can be pushed, ill push it. IF there is a way around something, ill find it. If there is an adventure to be had, sign me up! And my question as always is; how can I create with all of this so that im amused, you are inspired and we all end up happy?

So my story as a sadvi ( female nomad in spiritual pursuit) has allowed me the blessing of moving from country to country, absorbing the colours, textures, designs, fashions and music of the multitudinous cultures ive immersed myself in, always with a hunger and yearning for something deeper. It wasn’t until I returned home to Cape Town, which has become the hottest, hippest, most ‘holistic’ design capital of the world, that everything fell into place. The colour, vibrancy, and energy of the emerging African Renaissance converged with my love of fashion, adventure, yoga, dance and global culture; and so Urthfunc was born.


Urthfunc is always special, unique, different and difficult to replicate because of the vision that drives us, together with the extra love and attention- to-detail that goes into everything we design, produce and promote: all infused with authentic provenance and fascinating stories. Wide spectrums & rich stories stimulate our imagination, & although we’re inspired by cultures from around the planet, our heartland remains pure.


What inspires us


We’re driven to constantly connect familiar things in unfamiliar ways, spark unusual perspectives, play with polarities, and mix and mash it all up to create unique, original offerings with authentic provenance.


We embrace chaos theory as an unpredictable energy keeping us on our toes & inspiring us to constantly explore new ways do my homework write my essay for me of seeing the world & one another. Chaos disrupts hardened stereotypes, invites fresh perspectives, & makes space for the new to emerge.


We care about people, planet & performance in a holistic way that includes body, mind & spirit. Enriching perspectives , wide spectrums & rich stories stimulate our imagination, & although we’re inspired by cultures from around the planet, our heart land remains pure African, the birthplace of humankind. Consistent IQ, EQ, and SQ (Social or Spiritual Quotient) informs the integrity of our DNA in everything we do!